Friday, 8 April 2011

Frozen Dust Melted...

The 'Frozen Dust' record started around a year ago and due to other projects it got put on hold (and was itself frozen!) after we'd done the main bulk of the writing! The songs just needed the featured vocalists to come in and do their thing... over the last two weeks that happened!! Can I just say the tunes are sounding amazing?!!! Well, I have just said it.

We're shooting for July 2011 as a release for the record which is going to be available to the world to download for FREE. The record has been written aiming to raise awareness and cash for Operation Mobilisation (and the Dalit Freedom Network) as they build schools for the millions of kids across India who are 'cast out' of normal society. We're totally passionate about this cause and the music and can't wait for you to hear it!!

You can see some of the sessions with Nishma Menon, Capucine Falgas, Andy Dennis and Byron Gold on our YouTube channel.

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