Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Brokenfor day 1

 We're with Norwich-based band Brokenfor for the next two weeks recording their new EP. Today has mostly been about workshopping the tunes, listening to various references to get some goals in our head and rigging drums for some initial takes.

As is often the case with new projects, things got off to a fairly leisurely start. Drums, keyboards, home-made pedals, computers slowly emerged from the pile of cases in the amp room as the band made ready to give us a tour of the four songs they're going to be working with us on.

After hearing these, and then discussing a whole bunch of references and influences to draw upon, we went back to work on the first song - A+B Chemistry.

Work-shopping can be a wildly different process depending on the band. It can be everything from writing a completely fresh idea with an artist to looping a virtually finished song until that chorus fill is absolutely spot-on.

With these guys, their creativity and vision is spot-on, so it's more just a case of making sure that it's being realised as fully as possible. So we were trying out various different combinations of instruments for transition sections, plugging one or two holes, and creating one or two new ones, tidying up various rhythmic things and generally just rinsing through the changes so every little nuance of the song was firmly entrenched in our heads.

After about an hour or so of this, we set to work with Dickie, laying down the drum takes.

Here's what happened next...


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