Friday, 14 September 2012

What's going on?

Well it's time for a little update.

First up, did anyone miss that we did this...

Everyone still on board?!

OK, and more recently, since mid-August we've been working hard on new singles for Byron Gold and Enrico Delves, as well as recording new tunes for Aimée and Ebonie G. Tommy's album has been moving forward as well - we've been finishing up mixes as well as recording some of the remaining collabs, which are well exciting.

Phew! Essentially everyone we work with has been through the doors in the last month and this has certainly been one of the most busy and productive times yet for us.

Here's me looking stressed and frantically busy.

And Looking ahead, we've got worship projects coming up with Alun Leppitt and NauJavan in Oct/Nov and more new writing to get done as well.

Sweet times!



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