Thursday, 23 August 2012

Updating you all

So, dear reader(s), time for a little update. As I sit writing this, Enrico and Byron are currently improvising ideas for and wrangling over an ad lib bridge line for Enrico's forthcoming single, with Sanj patiently wading through the ideas to capture the best moments. It's great to see too great singers pushing each other to be better. Occasionally, I volunteer a "yeah" or a "no", but times like this, you mostly just get out of the way and let the magic happen around you. That is of course, providing they don't eat each other, or something...

Last week, we spent the whole week recording with Aimée Mutambo, and two great songs are now well under way with her. The vibe is poppy but with a strong live undercurrent so there's plenty of real stuff going on whilst trying to keep things sounding tight for radio. We've been enjoying layering up acoustic kit with programmed stuff and getting some excellent blends. More work to commence hopefully week after next and then you may well find sneak previews over on her blog.

Also making a welcome return to Purple Squares on Friday is Ebonie G, word! Can't wait to write some more awesome tunes with her, gonna be great!

Til next time...

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