Saturday, 21 April 2012

A great day!

Had an amazing day today in the studio with Myles, Alan, Phil OS, Raksha and Daniel. Some of us just met for the first time, but I think by the time i left at 5 we had around 5 new songs written, so there was definitely something special going on.

The vibe is basically hip-hop/pop worship music and it's all about rap hooks, MPCs and fresh sounds. It's weird to realise in a way that there's basically no precedent for this, or at least not one that's been generally accepted by the mainstream church. But we've already found a wealth of ideas and plenty of common ground stylistically on which to build.

The vision is loose right now, but we're pumped about it nevertheless. I really think it's fascinating to explore an ancient tradition with fresh sounds and approaches. You realise that as much as we say it's not about genre, inevitably, the style has a huge impact on what happens, the way people receive what happens and how their attitudes are shaped by it all. I'm hopeful that we might discover some new things through this exploration, but it's very much a case of seeing how this evolves and takes shape over the coming weeks and months.

Exciting times!


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