Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy new year everyone!

Happy new year and all that to you, avid Hi-Sonorous reader(s). Hope you had a good one. So, what does the new year look like for you? Same old, same old, or major changes in store? Or is it the middle one...inevitable change, but the who, what and when - total mysteries?
2012 is shaping up to be a make or break year for Sanj and I. We've got a bunch of really amazing things happening in the next few months - the release of Tommy Eye's single and later on, the album, plus some really cool collabs with Byron, Ebonie, Aimée and others tbc! It all adds up to some really cool music that really could go places.... or it could not.
And that's the pinch. After four years casting our net wide and making things work by having loads of different fingers in loads of different pies, now we're kinda simplifying things - whittling it all down to a handful of projects that we really believe in and want to see go places.It's a different attitude for us, to be sure. Perhaps in many ways, it's a much more classic approach - write loads, work hard, and just keep doing what you do, until you get a break.
It's certainly scary ground for control freaks like us to leave so much to chance (or fate, God, luck, whatever term you're most comfortable with).But the nice thing is that I think we both feel much freer as a result. Freer to write what we want, and freer to make choices for artistic reasons rather than financial ones. And there's a weird confidence you get from letting go of the reigns a little bit.
So, who knows what this will all look like in another year's time? Not the same, that's for certain. But beyond that, we'll just have to wait and see!

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