Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Photo shoot!!

Thanks so much to all of you who turned out to be part of our Frozen Dust cover shot on Sunday evening. We had a very successful time of it, and hope now to be able to announce the release of the record very soon. Stay tuned!

The evening was certainly a lesson learning experience...

Particularly about camera batteries and their propensity to get left in the charger.

Also, as one of our worker bees Martin here is showing, when you've spent years doing up your tie when you're bleary eyed and half asleep still, when required to perform said task at unusual hours, it's very possible to completely forget how to do it! What this photo doesn't sadly convey is the full 10 minutes and help from colleagues it took to get him to remember.

We also learnt that Mark Phillips officially has the greatest ministry-of-silly-walks walk in the world.

And that Joe Kent has done his stretches.

Our marvelous and glorious concept for this cover is however slightly more serious. Sarah, the only girl in the shot, represents 100 million Indian Dalits, who according to the UN are the most trafficked people group in the world; our worker drones represent an ignorant West, oblivious in its pursuit of economic riches. Both having lost something of themselves. Both in need of each other.

But of course all great concepts are pointless til realised, and we'll see a bit later on today whether we've actually managed to shoot something that gets this idea across. Until then I'll leave you with some rather fetching secret agents and more silly walks...

Frozen Dust will be the first record we've ever released to have a photo as its cover, and now I realise why we've always opted for a graphic. But it's exciting to be half way there with this and I'm certainly feeling confident with the prospect of a video shoot for the single also.

Watch this space for more news on the record coming very soon...


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