Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I'm a fan!!

Firstly, I'm unsure of how to put the accent above the 'e' on my computer, so you wont be having any of that in Beyonce's name. Chris posted about Coldplay, so I thought it only right that the lady of the moment got her say in this blog too! Whether you like her or not, Beyonce's Glasto performance was on point in pretty much every way - bar the 'Tricky' guest appearance. Funny though.

Beyonce never seemed out of place, which is strange considering this 'urban/pop' vibe is still fairly fresh for the festival or maybe it's just that talent is what it is and is respected across the board?! Either way her set, jam packed with brand new tracks right the way back through to Destiny's Child hits, kept things interesting and the overall performance was quite a spectacle. Tight choreography, serious vocal displays and some classic tunes made for a great show!

Basically, I'm a Beyonce fan. Amazing!!

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