Friday, 6 May 2011

Getting arty

Change of scene this week - I'm currently gearing up for some artwork days to put together the graphics for the Frozen Dust record. I'm really excited to be working with Alex Douglas - - where the above photo resides, and my sister Rachel again, who drew the beautiful Perspective Is Everything artwork we currently have as our blog's background.

The record's going to be an online release like The Waiting Line, but this time we want to make the website more of an experience with more artwork and interactive things. Ideas are flowing, and all that will determine the result will be how quick we can work, so I'm hoping for big things!

The whole theme for the artwork is poverty meets big glitzy city and I'm starting by sifting back through a load of holiday photos of grand city-scapes in Chicago and New York and seeing if I have anything I can work with.

I have some fairly specific visual ideas for the cover and next week Rach and I are gonna do some scouting for shoot locations in North London. Once we have some fantastic looking shots I'll get onto the site design. Got some great ideas and really excited about bringing the record to life visually.


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