Thursday, 14 April 2011

Time-aligning drums, home-made boxes and the apocalypse

Day 3, and we're finally moving on from drums and on to things that make bass, and bit-crushed power synths.

Dan (shown on left surrounded by computers and gizmos) is currently adding some fairly monstrous-sounding synths to the intro of 'Reaction'.

Normally he plays these live as well as his bass, which has given rise to the need for some nice home-made boxes.

Here on the left is his sustain pedal which once clicked keeps whatever chord / noise he's last been playing carrying on, until it's clicked again, which allows him to add a bass part in underneath.

Ingenious and yet very simple and effective!

In their tendency towards building their own rather than buying one, I'm certainly finding some common ground with these guys, and its refreshing to see their quality gear used alongside home-made stuff so fearlessly.

I haven't heard this one yet, but I'm told it basically sounds like the apocalypse.

Anyhow, we thanked Dickie for his final contributions to the tracks this afternoon as he rounded off his drum takes to 'Reaction'. There was plenty of time-aligning involved and various swapping of snares/kicks (both real and programmed) in getting the tracks ready to be worked on, but we're ploughing on full-steam ahead and things are beginning to come to life!

Might even post a sneak preview tomorrow, once we have something resembling a sound!


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