Monday, 4 April 2011

Busy Times!

April is pretty stacked with things going on! First up, our horribly depressing (yet amazing) album 'Frozen Dust' is progressing nicely. We welcomed some beautiful singers to Purple Squares over the past couple of weeks to sing on several of the tunes. Nishma, Capucine and Andy did marvellous jobs and thoroughly ramped up the general greatness of the record. I love that making music brings people together, and these sessions again reminded me of this - we had lots of laughs, as the appalling and thankfully as-yet unseen video footage testifies!

Looking ahead, I'm very excited about Brokenfor coming to record with us. Also, at long last we're getting back to work on Tommy Eye's new album, which I cannot say enough good things about. I'm positively bursting with good things to say about it. 'Unfinished' is the only negative word I can honestly associate with it at this point.

Other recent shinnanigans include mastering a mixtape for The Growth, writing and producing with Ebonie G, and secret talks with important people about future projects I can't possibly say anything about at this point.


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